Music4Life Podcast with DJ-RJ
The podcast of Austin's DJ-RJ and Music4Life.

Here is the latest show for you to enjoy. Got into some ragga vibes in the middle and smoothed it out to end up with an extra 1/2 hour of bonus beats too.

Syncopix/ Northern Comfort feat. Marc Deal

Kasper/ Every Sunrise

S.P.Y/ Turn The Lights Off

Dc Breaks/ Take That

B4sstee/ Better Way

Phors/ Deep Inside

Cyantific/ Touch Me

Calibre/ Foreign Bodies

Furlonge feat. Katie Alley/ Reach Out

Camo & Krooked/ In The Future feat. Jenna G & Futurebound

dRamatic and db Audio/ Revolution Groove

Meanstreak/ Booyaka

Top Cat, Rebel MC/ Police In Helicopter - Serial Killaz Remix

Euphonique/ Badman Forward

Big Bud/ Dunja Dub

Eveson/ Wicked Dub

Ed Solo & Deekline/ No No No (You Don't Love Me)

Smokah/ Kiss Me

Hamilton/ Echoes

Big Bud/ Juicy

Facing Jinx/ Sleep In Heaven - Drum and Bass Mix

Syncopix/ Heaven Sent

Big Bud/ Feeling Inside

Bcee, S.P.Y./ Diagnosis Murder - Metrik Remix

Ink, Perpetuum/ Never Say Never

Cause4Concern/ Nothing Lasts Forever

Sub Zero/ Poon

Dminds/ Rotation

DJ Marky & Makoto/ Secret Place (Random Movement Remix)

Ink, Perpetuum/ Speed

You can download the full show with the playlist in a Zipfile: HERE.

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Music4Life Drum & Bass Podcast #6

Hosted by DJ-RJ from Austin, Texas USA

Darwin/ Rushing In Ya Mind

Motion/ 92 Vibes

Bcee, S.P.Y./ Is Anybody Out There

DJ Marky & S.P.Y./ Mystic Sunset

Hybris/ Please Exist

Cyantific & Wilkinson/ Get Into It

Ultima C/ Soul Directions

Calibre/ Free My Mind

Time & Krome/ The Licence (Break Remix)

Rebel MC/ Get Ready (All Junglists) - Kosine and Dialect Remix

Ed Solo, Deekline/ Sensi

Ed Solo & Deekline/ Hail Up The Lion

Euphonique/ Dub Affair

Ed Solo, Deekline, DJ Concept/ Ghost Town

Ambrela/ Tidal Bore (FeyDer VIP)

Defence, Subsense/ Road 2 Zyon

Ed Solo & Deekline/ Ragga Muffin

Badweed/ I Love You So

Fracture & Neptune/ Customtone feat. Martin Fieber

Komatic/ Seasons Sleep

Mage, Nelver/ There Where No Us

Thank you for listening to the show.

To download the full show with playlist in Zipzile, visit HERE. To download more, please visit

For booking please contact DJ-RJ via the contact page on this site or call 512-973-8686

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Here is another fine edition of the Music4Life Drum & Bass Show. Included in this one are some killer ragga jungle tunes and the usual sweet and pretty songs that I love.

Echo Inada/ Day After Day

Dkay/ Thinner Edge

Moleman/ Imagine

Total Science & S.P.Y Feat Kevin J King/ Past Lives

ARP-1/ Shadows Drop

Dc Breaks/ The More I Want

Broken Force/ Wings Of An Angel

Drumsound & Bassline Smith/ Freak

Basher/ Xerox

Calibre, Marcus Intalex/ Meltdown

Total Science and S.P.Y/ Castaway

Moving Fusion/ Black Belt

Double O/ The Love Of Jah

Pleasure and Origin/ Dub After Dub

Nether ft Ras-T-Weed/ True Believer (Marcus Intalex Dancehall Remix)

Marcus Intalex, S.P.Y/ Paulista Dub

Benny Page,Mr. Williamz/ Pass the Kutchie (D&B Dubplate)

Serial Killaz, Mr. Williamz/ Ganja We Smoke - Serial Killaz Remix

Camo Ufos/ Bashment Crue (Urban Assault Jungle Remix)

Bladerunner/ Take Me Higher

Skyweep/ Light Of Day Sunset Cafe & Katie Epworth - Mage Remix

Donnie Dubson/ Last Night

Nu:Tone/ Broken (featuring Kyan)

Sunny Crimea/ We Are In Love

DJ Marky & S.P.Y./ Days Go Slow Feat Miri (Makoto Remix)

You can download the full show with playlist in a Zipfile here if you like.

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Music4Life Drum & Bass Podcast #4

Hosted by DJ-RJ from Austin, Texas USA on June 6, 2011

Anile/ Change Of Direction

Majestics/ Don't Lie

Bungle/ Constant & Clear

B4ssTee/ Thinking About U

Logarithmia/ Feel Your Heartbeat

Break/ Hearing Voices

Seba, Method One/ Mr Downstairs

2PM/ Boy

Smote/ My World

Scott Allen/ Mix Up

Soulproof/ Inna Dem Clothes

Command Strange/ Secret Feelings

Scott Allen/ Have A Little Faith

Gramatik/ A Bunch Of Questions - 80s Casual Remix

Bungle/ Don't Look Back

Majestics/ Miko

The Matrix/ Strength 2 Strength (Smooth Remix)

Intelligent Manners, Command Strange/ Talking About Love

Interface/ Get Down

Breakage, Jess Mills/ Fighting Fire - Loadstar Remix

TwoThirds/ Essence

High Contrast Featuring J'Nay/ Eternal Optimist

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I was very fortunate to interview Bunny Rugs of Third World on Reggae Evolution on Tuesday, May 17, 2011. We spoke about his new solo album Time and his latest release with Third World, called Patriots.

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On Tuesday, May 31, 2011, I interviewed Mikey General about reggae and his new release, Born To Rule.

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Music4Life Drum & Bass Podcast #3

Hosted by DJ-RJ from Austin, Texas USA

Brookes Brothers/ Beautiful (feat Robert Owens)

DuoScience/ Simple Life

B4sstee/ Silence In Everywhere

Jrumhand/ Live For Today

Dabs/ Some Nights

Indivision/ Inner Beauty

Gemini/ Without You

London Elektricity/ Meteorites (featuring Elsa Esmeralda)

Sigma/ Dreams To Reality feat. Logistics

Decon/ Neon Dawn

Loxy/ Politicians

Incident/ Questions

Scott Allen/ Dub With Me

Durban Poison/ Babylon Time Warp - Bladerunner Remix

Break/ Lead The Way

Atlantic Connection/ Promise

Break/ Positive / Negative

The Last Hero/ Paradise Lost

Dak/ Skunk

Break/ Destiny Comes Ringing

Jrumhand, MJT/ Radio Jam

Majestics/ In My Heart feat. Flower

Smote/ Born To My Soul

Tow/ Autumn In Tallinn - Bone Remix

Electrosoul System/ To My Galaxy - Makoto Remix

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For booking please contact DJ-RJ: or 512-973-8686

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Music4Life DnB Podcast #2

Hosted by DJ-RJ on April 13, 2011

Nu:Tone/ Do You Like It (featuring Natalie Williams)

Makoto/ Good Old Days

Smote/ Deeply In My Soul

Smooth/ Micro

Eclipse/ Feels So Right

London Elektricity/ The Plan That Cannot Fail

Bcee/ Generations (S.P.Y. Remix)

Danoo & Jett/ Twilight

MJT & Wreckage Machine/ Colours

Mooncat/ Autumn Dub

Fresh/ Gatekeeper

Die/ Ghetto Bizness

Spectrasoul/ Lost Disciple

George Young the Infinite/ Bringin The Heat

Phetsta/ Disco Dog

Futurebound/ Brave New World

Spectrasoul/ Reminiscence

Paul SG/ Quiet Steps

Toez/ Holland (Aquasion Remix)

Crypton/ Lost

Nu:Tone/ Coming Back (featuring Heidi Vogel)

DJ Marky & Makoto/ Aquarius feat Deeizm

Gradon & Janky/ Heritage

Oscillist/ A New Shade Of Blue

London Elektricity/ Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm

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DJ-RJ's Music4Life Drum & Bass Podcast #1


DatA/ Compassion

Smooth/ Micro

Nu:Tone feat Natalie Williams/ Shine In

Mutated Forms/ Chasing Dreams

Blue Motion/ Neverending

Switch & Icicle/ Ur In My Head

Commix/ City Section

Smote/ Kite Flying

Die & Break/ Slow Down

dRamatic & dbAudio/ Break From The Vacuum

Bcee & S.P.Y./ Is Anybody Out There

Flaco & Glen E Ston/ Crescent

Schematic/ This World

Marcus Visionary & Johnny Osbourne/ Jah Promise

Dannylo/ Natty Follower

Smooth/ Music Takes Me Higher

Macro & High Speed Dubbing/ Forever Dub

Dannylo/ Ten Stomp

Seba/ Make My Way Home

Jonny L/ The Rave

Danny Byrd featuring Tomahawk/ Hot Fuzz

LSB/ Rolling Sideways

Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith/ Clap Your Hands

Undersound/ Month Of Sundays

Logistics & Cyantific/ Brighter Day feat. Natalie Williams

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A show with some of the new tunes for 2011 Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago.


Reggae Evolution with DJ-RJ

KAZI 88.7 FM Austin Texas

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 7-10 PM

2011 Soca:

Nnika Francis/ Carnival Again

Knycky Cordner/ Wuker

Shal Marshall/ Motorbike

Shurwayne Winchester/ Manic

Fire Empress/ Colors

Machel Montano/ Hard Wuk

Nadia Batson/ My Time

Patch/ Damn Phone 

Patrice Roberts/ Mas & Whining

Shal Marshall/ 3D Wine (feat Swappi)

Olatunji/ Designated Driver

Chucky/ Do Fuh Do

Benjai/ Time Will Never Tell2

Buhwamoder/ Bend Right Over

Cassi/ Town Ting

Chai/ Give It To Me

Chucky/ My Bad Thing


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